Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

As a ten year old boy, I asked for and received a Swiss army knife for Christmas. I was so thrilled–it had everything, knife, screwdriver, file, spoon, fork, corkscrew, scissors–this knife had it all. However, I quickly found that the knife’s extensive array of tools actually resulted in it being very ineffective to do much of anything.

You could not cut much with it, hard to eat with, the file did nothing, the scissors were bad, impossible to use the screwdriver, etc, etc. The following year I received a single bladed buck knife and I still have it to this day.

All of those tools are valuable and necessary tools, but when you combine them each loses it individual effectiveness. If this was the knife given to the Swiss Army, its no wonder they are known as neutral peacemakers –they have ineffective weapons!

This reminds me of a LOT of modern Chiropractic practices–Docs add this and that-thinking more services, more products, more variety is better for the patient. I would say that a lot of those services probably do have some benefit, but when you meld them altogether under one heading, they each lose their effectiveness and the primary purpose of the clinic–to adjust the spine–is severely limited by all the other stuff in the same way that all the extra tools on a SA knife makes it awkward and often ineffective to be used as a knife.

The desire for principled Chiropractic is not to deny the proper place of other natural and beneficial procedures-but rather to allow the single bladed edge of Chiropractic to fulfill its primary purpose.


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