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The Health Research Report Series is a collection of 19 reports all taken from leading scientific books and journals and designed in a way to make them interesting to read and easy to understand.

Health Research Reports are an exciting  digital marketing tool  designed to  not only educate your patients about the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation and the incredible health benefits of Chiropractic, but to also equip them to refer others to your office.

Health Research Reports are designed to allow you to take advantage of exponential marketing instead of linear marketing in a digital environment!

Linear marketing involves conducting an event—an ad campaign, a lecture, a screening and you reap the benefits, but once the event is completed, so are the returns

We also show you how to use them for maximum return of new patient referral-the video below is a brief overview.

With exponential marketing, the returns have the ability to not only last much longer, but to actually grow in magnitude. Click this link to learn the strategies behind this process.

We also give you a step-by-step guide on how to implement these materials to maximize the return on your investment.


Comes with 20 TITLES! 


Purchase one master set for $229 plus a $35 customization fee and then get unlimited use with free annual updates for life!

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