Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker

Here is my standard 2 minute ice-breaker/elevator speech that I use several times each day and this is with total strangers. We are around people all day long, waiting in line, coffee shop, etc and I just start small talking and we exchange names, very casually and I then say,

“Bill, what kind of work do you do? And he says “I own an ace hardware store (whatever, does not matter) but he will then ask me, what do you do? and I say ‘I work in an area of health care that is going to revolutionize health and the way we view health, its unbelievable…and then very quickly I change the subject and ask him about his work.

“So do you all sell lawnmowers” and he says sure, ( but I have him very curious about what I just said and even more so since I changed the subject so quickly) and then he says “well, what kind of health care, what in the world are you doing?  I look around and sort of lower my voice and say “Bill, I work with doctors that locate and correct subluxations–bill, have you ever heard of a subluxation?

And Bill  says, “no, I don’t think so” and I say, “It amazes me that something as destructive to health and the cause of so many health problems is almost unknown in the world today, wow ( and I shake my head in disbelief) and then I change the subject back to the hardware store–So bill, what got you into the hardware business–and he will ignore the question and press me about subluxation and I ask him if he has a couple of minutes and I will explain it to him and rarely if ever do they NOT have time and I just reverse engineer the message, starting with health, then healing, then CNS, then spine, then subluxations and by the time we arrive at Chiropractic, it makes all the sense in the  world. I get his email and send him some data/articles and invite he and his family to the next orientation that I am doing.

Very effective.


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