Digital Ads

Digital Ads

I wanted to share an activity that I have used for years with great results and it’s simple and easy to do.

I find remnant space in newspapers (dirt cheap) classified ads in local papers, school newsletters, trade union publications, Craig’s list, social media, even radio spots (remnant) as well as those brown coffee news you see in restaurants.

I place a simple ad (in this ad, I put it in the community news section) and simply offer information about a topic that relates back to Chiropractic–but I never use the word Chiropractic in the ad–not that I am ashamed of chiropractic, but it just does not mean anything to them and can discourage a response.

I offer either a digital report of a video link (use whatever tools you have available and or create some) and I never use my normal business email, but rather create a special email just for this such as  This keeps the spam down to a minimum.

Now, I have taught this before and some docs will run out and list 20 ads for 20 topics–and guess what–never works, or they get a lot of responses they don’t want. Never put an offer in, never mention an exam or a discount of any type and be sure to check with your state laws to be sure this is in compliance with your regulatory guidelines)

When the information is sent–you can include some contact info on the back–but don’t worry–if they are a right candidate they will contact you and sometimes, people will request the info–read it–and then give it to a family or friend–so I have sent this locally and the patient ended up in an office in Wyoming–actually that happens quite bit-but don’t worry, most of the response will be local.

I think my biggest single response is 318–not bad for 90 seconds of work.

You can use this same thought process at screening as well–tons of folks may never stop–but put a big banner offering intriguing info and a large sign that says TEXT YOUR NUMBER TO XXX-XXXX TO GET THIS INFO–and you may get bombarded ( we often do)

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